Thursday, 4 March 2010


The two most important things i learnt the hard way were>1-stop being a hermit,and comunicate more.2-not to try and do more than you can,specially if your skills at uv map suck.i really enjoyed working in a team.our group discussed every idea and there was constant feedback.we definitly came together as  team when i didnt deliver my textured buildings on time.i ended up texturing badly just 3 or 4,while the guys went full on so the project could be done on time.overall,i feel frustrated for letting down the group at a certain stage,and by not achieving the level i aimd at,mostly with uv mapping texturing,although i think iive improved my modelling skills,lighting and learned a lot on uv texturing and mapping.i leaarnt a lot from my group,they were good fun whilst focused and professional.

shepeard in the pie

some links of research and stuff that made me tick and somehow related...

The hardest thing to research was greek streets.most iinfo we have is on religious architecture,and i was trying to understand how regular,not so rich streets and buildings worked together for the urban planning.ii also used the tv show #ROME# as a reference of daily life,in that era.


before joining potato group,i  had already started doing some reserch for this approch was mostly towards architecture and what would happen in that set/world.i liked a lot the works of archigram,liebbeus wood,zaha hadid,daniel liiebskind and specialy didier fiuza faustino.For a sense of world,i turned to comics and some movies.i relate a lot with the work of moebius and massimilino frezzatto.also wandered around thx,dante 01,dune,city of lost children,delicatessen,aliens 2 and some others.took as reference some games like mirrors edge,doom3,ico,rez,killer7,and some others that either reflected scale,level design,and the graphic style,approach towards a whole look. 

work in progress

These are AO passes i took during the modelling stage.this type of pass, helps me better understand shape,scale and mood of a 3D set,or object.

Reference images

These are some reference images used for the project.All images are copyright of respectful owners.

Thursday, 21 January 2010