Thursday, 4 March 2010


The two most important things i learnt the hard way were>1-stop being a hermit,and comunicate more.2-not to try and do more than you can,specially if your skills at uv map suck.i really enjoyed working in a team.our group discussed every idea and there was constant feedback.we definitly came together as  team when i didnt deliver my textured buildings on time.i ended up texturing badly just 3 or 4,while the guys went full on so the project could be done on time.overall,i feel frustrated for letting down the group at a certain stage,and by not achieving the level i aimd at,mostly with uv mapping texturing,although i think iive improved my modelling skills,lighting and learned a lot on uv texturing and mapping.i leaarnt a lot from my group,they were good fun whilst focused and professional.

shepeard in the pie

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